Monday, February 22, 2010


WOW, what an issue.

See our Sustainable Golden Book Journals featured on p30. These journals are made from a vintage Little Golden Books, spiral-bound by a professional book binder.

They have approximately 50 blank pages, salvaged from a printer's off-cuts.

The original pages are randomly inserted throughout the journal.

The cover is slightly worn, adding to the charm of this iconic little book, in some cases, they include the previous owners name.

Exclusive to Mudd Kids

Then there is p55 features which our Funky Eco Blocks. These are double sided blocks, using maple hardwood off-cuts for the block sets, which means taking the leftovers from a flooring company, so that the pieces get used instead of getting thrown out..

There is also a country theme, in addition to this city theme. They fit into recycled cardboard box printed with doodles of rooflines...

Cute for display as well as hours of fun!

Also exclusive to Mudd Kids

Thanks shop 4 Kids!

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