Monday, November 9, 2009

Click Clack Trucks & Puzzles


They have arrived! The new designs of the Click Clack's have arrived.

There is now an Ambulance and a Garbage Truck too.

Check out the cool puzzle blocks that form the garages to house the trucks!!

Click Clack Cars are manufactured by a FSC certified manufacturer, and meet the highest international standards. Made from quality plantation beechwood, 100% recycled plastic; water based paints and varnishes and with a 100% recycled cardboard packaging. Every product in the Click Clack range is produced in the most environmentally friendly way.

Ideal for those little hands and inquisitive minds; in three easy steps, kids have built their Click Clack car and are ready to play. Unlike most toys, the packaging is not thrown away it's kept as the garage for each car.

In three easy steps, kids have built their Click-Clack Car and are ready to play. This fun toy not only stimulates young minds, the Click – Clack car also helps develop their fine motor skills.

Cars $15.95
Garages $17.95


Check them out HERE

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